Mrs Patmore goes Moonlighting



When I’m not being you know who, I do other things too. Here are all the things I blog or have blogged about…

At the weekends you will often find me in the North West of England running a private supper club with another friend of mine and some of the recipes in here will be things I’ve done for that. If you are interested in seeing what we do here’s a link: The Swallows Secret Supper Club

I started a blog teaching my daughter to cook while at Uni. It’s in mothballs a bit at the moment but there are some nice recipes on there. And she’s very funny. Annoyingly. Learning to cook: Two Nerds One Scone

My mother had vascular dementia and died in 2013. I cared for her during the last couple of years of her life and true to form I blogged about it. This was mainly for my own benefit – it was a safe place to put things at the end of the day and then wipe the slate clean for the following one. It became a lifeline for me and proved useful to others in a similar situation. It’s quite a long read and the link takes you to the first post: Her Absent Mind

Around the same time that I started looking after Ma I started taking photographs, again as something to do as a distraction from the often difficult days. I took up a 365 challenge on a photography blogging site and ended up taking a photograph every single day for three years instead of just one. I still update it now and then but I love to look back on the posts I made. I highly recommend a project like this, it made me a better photographer without a shadow of a doubt: Blipfoto

I have a feeling I’ve forgotten one. I may be back.


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