On Being Mrs Patmore

Nearly 12 months ago an idea was floated past me by a friend of mine – would I be interested in cooking for herself, her husband and their four children for three days a week? Why, yes, it appeared that I would. So after a little bit of plotting and planning I pitched up at their house in the first week in January 2016 and so it began.

I have a bit of a history regarding blog writing – I think I’ve got 5 now – so it’s a bit of a mystery to me why I didn’t start a blog immediately but as soon as the penny dropped last week I’ve been setting this one up. This is a new ‘theme’ for me so there may be a few teething troubles until I get used to it.

Almost from the very beginning we fell into the habit of referring to me as ‘Mrs Patmore’ however, if you haven’t seen Downton Abbey then the joke doesn’t work. Mrs Patmore is the cook at a stately home in the British period TV drama. So naturally following the same comedy vein I refer to my employers as Lord and Lady Grantham. I tell you, the laughter barely stops.

The children range in age from 13 to 5 and we’ve quickly settled on regular menu choices such as pizza, sweetcorn pancakes and the like and their parents follow a low carb regime for most of the time so it’s very often two different meals each evening. I also do baking for school events, visitors, birthdays etc. and I do all the shopping for the food I prepare, it’s rare that I have very little to do.

So welcome to my blog. A mix of food photos, ideas and recipes along with a bit of chat and anything I think might be interesting to share.

As Mrs Patmore famously said ‘Anyone who has the use of their limbs can make a salmon mousse!’ So lets get started…


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